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I wrote a guest post on http://modelbitch.blogspot.com/ a month ago and though I’d re-post it here as well.

No pictures, but I hope it’s interesting anyway:

This question arises on modelling and photographic fora all the time in various guises. Are Professionals good, or are they all bad? Are Amateurs bad, or are they all good? How many years of photographic experience do you need to be good? Is there a difference between photographic Art and Craft? Why is it that poor photographers manage to make living from their work, and the good ones don’t? Does good equipment, a good photographer make? And, crucially: what is “good”
Here I’ll give my view on most of those variants
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Rachael included Leeds in her modeling road trip from Edinburgh to the North of England. And I was very glad she did – A great shoot





I shot Jasmine in December 2007. It was my first shoot where I’d used off camera flash, and was only her second go at modeling. Looking back at that shoot, while the pictures do  look dated to me, I still like quite a lot of them. Jasmine has a lot to do with this as she is a very pretty model with a great slim figure of course. But with her too you can tell she was very new to all this back then.

This Monday, over three years later we shot again. I won’t post any of the old images for comparison, but needless to say we have both come on a lot in those three long years.

Thanks Jasmine, and let’s not wait another three years to do it again!

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